Summer Mission Trip 2018
June 3rd- June 7th in Oklahoma City, OK  | Cost: $450 

Our middle school trip is designed to stretch 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in a way that helps them begin to understand how God has gifted them. Through various service projects and ministry opportunities, these students get to practice ministry that makes a difference in other neighborhoods and communities. The impact of this trip is felt in our community as students return and find places to minister locally. 

June 10th-16th in Nashville, TN | Cost: $550 
The high school trip is specifically designed to place students in tracks that build on their strengths and stretch them to imagine their futures differently. Through community outreach, resourcing local ministry partners, and exploring injustice, high school students encounter a reality that hits close to home and prepares them to launch into their future with a renewed sense of purpose.
-6 Service Project Hours Completed by May, 6th. 
One of these hours must be completed outside of the church community, and a written summary of what was completed must be turned in to the Youth offices.
-Attend Training Meeting
-Read the Books of John and James
-Demonstrate a Christlike Lifestyle
-$50 Deposit and Application Submitted by Jan 7th. Remainder to be paid by May 6th, 2018. *All monies paid are non-refundable.
-Medical Release Form Submitted or on File

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High school students may also indicate an interest in the pre-site trip scheduled for Feb. 1-4. | *Cost $80 additional.

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